德邦快遞創建于1996年,總部位于上海市青浦區。德邦快遞致力成為以客戶為中心,以大件快遞為核心業務,業務涉及快運、整車、倉儲與供應鏈等多元業務的綜合性快遞、物流供應商,為跨行業的客戶提供綜合性的快遞、物流選擇,公司先后獲得“守合同重信用企業”、“十佳電子商務服務商”、“中國物流杰出企業”等榮譽。德邦快遞以大件快遞為核心業務,主要業務涉及快運、整車、倉儲與供應鏈,是中國企業500強之一。2017年位于大興的德邦總部辦公室新裝修完成。新裝修后的房間總是有一些異味,而且他們請權威檢測機構檢測后顯示甲醛,TVOC 均超標。在進行細致甄選治理商后,選定我公司為空氣治理凈化服務商。在我們全面細致的治理后,也達到預期的效果。得到了領導至員工一致的認可。我們的除甲醛服務專業,同時銷售進口光觸媒。

Debon Express was founded in 1996 and its headquarters is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai. Debon Express is committed to becoming a comprehensive express and logistics supplier with customer-centered and large-volume express as its core business, which involves multiple business such as express transportation, vehicle, warehousing and supply chain. Debon Express provides comprehensive express and logistics choices for cross-industry customers. The company has successively obtained "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprises", "top ten e-commerce service providers" and "China Logistics Excellent". Honours such as "out of business". Debon Express, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, takes large express delivery as its core business and mainly deals with express transportation, whole vehicle, warehousing and supply chain. In 2017, the newly renovated Office of Debon Headquarters in Daxing was completed. The newly decorated rooms always have some peculiar smell, and they ask the authoritative testing agencies to detect formaldehyde, TVOC are all over the standard. After carefully selecting the regulator, we selected our company as the air purification service provider. After our comprehensive and meticulous management, we have also achieved the desired results. It has been recognized by leaders and employees alike.